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THIS DRAMA "Vive Siempre"

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Few bands lay it all on the line when they take the stage. And even fewer do it on their own terms. This Drama is one of those bands...and they have done just that for ten years and counting. Their blend of furious, uncompromising punk rock laced with hardcore tinges and a hint of late 80's gutter is a relentless, explosive, mouth-watering assault better known as "punk n' roll." And it's what This Drama does best. One part conventional instrumentation and one part spaztastic attack, a battling theme of familiarity and surprise propel their sets with roaring rock riffs, pummeling drums, jarring tempo shifts, a palette of powerchords and venom-spitting vocals. Obsessively influenced by the spirit and the brawn of early SoCal punk rock scene, This Drama delivers high-energy music fueled by urgency and intensity that feels, sounds and smells like pride in living outside of the established social order. This Drama has succeeded by making their own way, far from the entrenched ideas, values, needs and culture of a what they believe to be a dying society. This new live anniversary album Vive Siempre ("Live Forever"), is an celebratory ode to a lifestyle, a counter culture and it belongs to everyone who keeps it alive. (DER-562)

"This Drama's gnarly, middle-finger engaged attitude seethes with every note and spat lyric." - Punktastic


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