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LIGHTS & MOTION "Dear Avalanche"

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The latest offering in a discography often described as the ultimate symmetry of music and emotion, Dear Avalanche is the most accomplished and fully realized expression of sounds to date from LIGHTS & MOTION. Although many claim he is a magician, the band's braintrust, Christoffer Franzen, is a storyteller...and a masterful one at that. From the majestic climax of This Explosion Within to the hopeful build of Silver Lining to the delicate innocence of Anomaly, every Lights & Motion track tells it's own story by transporting the listener through tenor and tone to a place where anything and everything is possible. This astonishing interplay of soul and sound is truly a work of art as it connects with the listener in a way that transcends the music itself. Franzen's ability to elicit emotion on a universal level and touch the heart without words, is simply beyond the limits of all imagination. With this expertly crafted collection of rich new soundscapes, Lights & Motion not only again delivers but also elevates the architecture of cinematic post-rock to awe-inspiring new heights.

"What word do you use when 'epic' simply isn't enough? 'Dear Avalanche' takes everything that was great about 'Chronicle', rips it up, rebuilds it better than it was before, and adds new layers and elements making for a powerful, expansive, haunting, driving and stunning listening experience. The dynamic emotions that Franzen is able to invoke without uttering a single word is astonishing. A masterpiece of gigantic sound. Cinematic post-rock at its finest. A colossal tour de force of instrumental music magic..." - Oklahoma Lefty


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