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Christoffer Franzen of Lights & Motion's most impressive work to date Endeavour is now available on all digital services worldwide. The meticulously crafted new album features 11 brilliant stand-alone tracks that weave in and out of multiple genres and moods from full orchestral suites to ethereal anthems, providing an immersive experience meant to quiet the noise of the outside world. Ambitiously up-leveling his composer game on the aptly-titled new album, you'll be convinced that Franzen's ability to tell stories and evoke emotions without words remains unrivaled. Recommended For Fans of: Lights & Motion, Hans Zimmer, Olafur Arnalds, Jonsi, Brian Tyler, Carly Comando, Thomas Newman. (DER-614)

"An ethereal and engaging sonic experience, each track washes over you like a soothing warm tide. The perfect antidote to the near-ending noise of the modern world. Whether dropping records under his name or as Lights & Motion, everything Franzen does is absolute gold. A must listen." - Oklahoma Lefty

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