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INWARD OCEANS "Weather The Storm"

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The stunning second album from Vancouver-based ambient post-rock outfit INWARD OCEANS floods the senses with magical moments of pure sonic ecstasy. Lush, organic and meticulously crafted headphone music contoured with intricate vocal countermelodies, Weather The Storm surprises you with each and every listen. Stepping up its sonic game tenfold, Inward Oceans roars forward with a truly next level album of incredible new sounds. Recommended for fans of U137, Lights & Motion and Floating In Space.

"Absolutely masterful. Serene and reflective. The work of artisans, truly." - KParks

"Late night drives with this playing makes me tear up. This is so fucking beautiful." - Sad Satan

"Intricate, slowly-unfolding patterns of mid-tempo beauty. An Impressive success." - Independent Clauses

"Truly unbelievable. No lyrics needed. Love the hopeful vibe. Great job Inward Oceans, really." - Beauty of Annihilation


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