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LIGHTS & MOTION "Reanimation 2023 (Revisited 10th Anniversary Edition)"

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Deep Elm Records is pleased to present Reanimation 2023 (Revisited 10th Anniversary Edition) by LIGHTS & MOTION. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of LIghts & Motion's highly acclaimed debut Reanimation, the band has released a revisited, remixed, remastered (and more) version of the album that introduced cinematic post-rock to the world and started it all, plus two glorious new tracks that exemplify the foundational guitar-based palette of the band's trademark sound. (DER-632)

"A magical journey that transcends all describable feelings and sensation. Epic..." - StereoFox

"Perfect. Post-rock Album of the Year. An absolute masterpiece and a future classic." - Metalglory

"Consistent beauty filling my mind with improbable dreams. Damn near perfection." - Sputnik Music

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