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The farewell full-length from Aldershot, England's progressive post-rock quintet OUR LOST INFANTRY. Interregnum is an absolutely stunning sendoff and every bit as good, perhaps even better, than the band's masterful debut "The New Art History" also released on Deep Elm Records. Although a near tragedy for the burgeoning progressive British post-rock movement, it's rather often that the fun, young lives of band members lead each other in different directions. However, this is hardly the finale for any of these incredibly talented musicians. One of the finest bands to ever grace the Deep Elm roster, Our Lost Infantry will be dearly missed but not soon forgotten. "I promise, it's the start of a new chapter, not the end of the story" says lead songsmith, guitarist and vocalist Thom Ashworth. He'd better not be lying... (DER-564)

"This needs to be heard to be believed. What's most notable about it is how striking it is.
A successful attempt at reconstructing the status quo.
" - Absolute Punk


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