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Hailing from a small city of romantic canals in northeastern Italy named Treviso, just minutes away from it's glamorous neighbor Venice and the birthplace of Western Europe's artistic revival via the Renaissance, comes a new type of artistic masterpiece: the sprawling, striking work of I AM SONIC RAIN . The band's third full-length album, Hidden, can be described in one word: fearless. Unafraid to push the boundaries, this five piece will leave you either breathless or incredibly anxious with ten songs that are emotionally resonant without words. The band succinctly captures the pathos of a dreamlike state, fluxing between stop and go, quiet and loud, violence and calm, heaven and hell, hope and despair. Hidden's unique shine is that it can take you to both light and dark places, all depending on where you want to go. A cascading waterfall of different sounds often soothing and never monotonous or predictable, I Am Sonic Rain lulls you into a dreamy, candy-coated aura of safety interrupted by jarring outbursts and more ominous progressions in just the right places. I Am Sonic Rain works almost every wavelength of the post-rock spectrum and plays with a kind of gracious self-awareness that accentuates its strengths in execution. It's difficult to deny the effectiveness, enthusiasm and passion with which I Am Sonic Rain employs the tools at its disposal. Bursting with charisma, depth and dynamic complexity, it's cerebral listening...and it cuts deep. (DER-579)

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