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FLOATING IN SPACE "The Edge Of The Light"

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Filled with lavish soundscapes, epic climaxes, dramatic builds, intimate piano moments and inspiring orchestral arrangements, the timeless 12 track instrumental debut The Edge Of The Light by FLOATING IN SPACE is a boundless merging of both delicate and energetic sounds. Fans of artists including Lights & Motion, U137, Carly Comando and Inward Oceans will surely enjoy this album, which tends to lean towards the dramatic side of cinematic songwriting. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Arctic Studio in Alicante by Spanish songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Ruben Caballero. "This album is a travel through time, space, distance and feelings. Through my songs, I try to show my vision of a world where light and shadows, calm and fears, solitude and togetherness meet in the vastness of space. There are two things that never cease to inspire me when I look through my window: the sea and the sky. I see all vital experiences, dreams and fears more clearly when taking a night walk along the coastline," says Caballero. The addition of such a high caliber artist was a natural fit for Deep Elm. Stream the album preview and confirm for yourself. An absolutely stunning debut from start to finish by this highly talented artist, soon to be recognized worldwide. Release Date: October 14, 2016. (DER-570)

"An aurally transcendent album wrought with wholly immersive and hauntingly emotive soundscapes. Spearheaded by technically sound orchestral arrangements, the album pierces the psyche in a way reserved only for the upper echelons of cinematic post rock. The subtle progressive climbs are met and enriched by the dramatic climaxes that permeate and encapsulate every moment of this record. Ultimately a pleasant listening experience through and through." - Golden Age


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