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LIGHTS & MOTION "Holiday Visions"

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As a special treat / bonus for the holidays, LIGHTS & MOTION brings you Holiday Visions. Available exclusively on Deep Elm Digital, this ever-expanding collection of sweeping, holiday-inspired instrumentals warm the heart with memories of festive family gatherings, snow-dusted streets, friends around the fireplace and days long past. As you know, every sync lives or dies by the music that accompanies it...the music and the visuals share the stage equally. From film trailers and commercials to TV programming and online promo campaigns, the timeless music of LIGHTS & MOTION will make any project stand out and be remembered...especially during the holidays. Just a few notes makes all the difference in the world. (DER-559)

"There's no doubt that Lights & Motion is the leader of the new post-rock era. Youth has never been as fruitful as what I've just listened to. The three tracks on Holiday Visions are the most perfect combination I've heard in a while.
Great applause to Christoffer Franzen for yet another masterful set of magical and heartfelt sounds. Christoffer's
genius can't be fully described, so I won't even try to elaborate more. Final Score: 100%.
Yet another masterpiece!
" - The Elevator Anthem


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